3-Day Swarthmore Commuter Camp

World Camp USA is recognized as the best camp in the USA for coaching technical skills. 

How can we say this?

2021 World Camp USA was chosen by the world's governing body, The Fédération Internationale de Hockey, or FIH, to be one of six in the world, and the only one in the USA as an FIH Academy Licensed Centre.

Covid and our new FIH designation has led us to modify our camp programs for summer 2021 to be 100% commuter (no overnights).

It is now a 3-Day program

Do you want to be exposed to the newest technical skills from around the World? Do you seek to accelerate your game? Would you like to sharpen your skills for the new season? How about  improve your overall level of play in a fun and challenging environment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this new World Camp is for you!

This program is for any serious athlete who is looking to improve their game. The camp is ideal for both  teams and individual players.  

Day 1. Fundamentals and Small Unit Play
Day 2. Super Skills and Competition Day
Day 3. Scoring and Game Tactics  

Camp Outline

Through daily themes we will provide each participant with top level coaching and use our proven methods to improve each player. Passing and receiving, 1v1 attack and defense, small unit play, and many more topics will be taught at this camp.

Day 1. Fundamentals and Small Unit Play
This day provides the perfect balance between freshening up your basic skills like, hitting, passing, receiving and carrying the ball, don’t worry we will challenge each player no matter what level they are to leave each session better than when they started.  In the afternoon we get to work with small unit play, see how your skills can actually work in game settings. We will teach how to successfully eliminate a 2v1 situations and provide helpful tips to succeed in even number scenarios.

Day 2. Super Skills and Competition Day
Super Skills out of your comfort zone? We will work with you to bring them in your level of comfort. 3D hockey, reverse passing, one handed speed dribbles and much more. These are the skills that you rarely see but can be so effective on the field. And in the afternoon, we battle it out during competition day. We still coach and provide direct feedback to your game but will do so based on competitive settings. Shout outs, 2v2 games and the rebound game will be part of this session. Win or lose, what will it be? 

Day 3. Scoring and Game Tactics 
On day 3 we focus on goal scoring. We believe that goalscoring in improvising in the moment and we will offer skills that will give you more options. Reverse hits, no back swing scoring and decision making under high pressure, it will all be practice. The afternoon is tournament play! In a 7v7 format we will coach each team to have basic outletting and pressing strategies and give insightful tips to understand basic game tactics which will help you to become a better player for yourself and your team.