Covid is still very much a factor as we look towards summer 2021.  If we’ve learned one thing, it’s that we must make plans on factors we can control. And in order to deliver an exceptional program that accounts for, or mitigates the unknowns, we needed time to do our research and planning.

What is currently unknown:
1) Overnight accommodations opening and available at Swarthmore
2) Air flights available for our international staff

The 2021 Covid Challenge:
How can we keep a truly unique World Camp program great with uncertainty?  Not just maintain, but surpass our elite standards and status.

We Adapt:
The governing body of global field hockey, The Fédération Internationale de Hockey or FIH, which is responsible for oversight for all international field hockey programs including rules and Olympic games, has awarded World Camp USA the designation as a “FIH Academy Licensed Centre”.  Only one camp is selected in each country, and only 6 programs have been awarded this designation: Cardiff, Brussels, Perth, London, Amsterdam - and the USA.

What this means to World Camp:
The FIH has tasked World Camp USA with operating an FIH camp that includes hosting a FIH Level 3 coach evaluation course.   For World Camp USA this is both a privilege and honor to be selected as the exclusive FIH Academy camp operator in the USA for this special program.

Swarthmore 2021

You Have Options

World Camp USA is retooling for 2021.
Changes to our summer season

  • 100% commuter - no overnight.
  • Camp dates have been modified.
  • Two very unique and distinct programs have been created.
  • All registered World Campers and Teams with Reservations have been placed into "World Camp 2021".
  • Athletes who believe "FIH World Camp" is a better fit have the option to change camps.
  • Athletes who have registered and cannot attend one of these two camps will have there $25 deposit credited towards any open and available 2022 program.

World Camp 2021

Learn MoreSwarthmore World Camp

This sequence of days is perfect for players of every level. For individuals and teams who are seeking to grow their game.

July 12-13-14


FIH World Camp

Learn MoreFIH Camp at Swarthmore

Best suited for field hockey athletes who aspire to play in a competitive collegiate or national programs.

July 20 & 21 | July 22 & 23