Your Clinic

Elite, Varsity, JV, feeder program or all.

Your Field

You tell us where.

Your Way

Pay yourself or help fund your program.

We come to you with our international team of top hockey coaches for two full days of fantastic hockey clinics.


Earn up to $7,500.00

The more players that join, the more you make

  • Requires no financial outlay
  • Utilizes our powerful registration system
  • Only 25 players needed to make it happen
  • Just $250/player; training 2-full days with international coaches
  • Intrinsic value: Establish your name, enhance your image or pad your resume
  • Web promotion available too
  • Allows you or your club financial compensation

Train with the Best

How it works

  • We begin by selecting a date | starting the “Agreement”
  • You recruit 25 players who place their $50 deposit
  • Minimum 25 players must make their deposit within 21 days of our Agreement
  • We finalize our commitment
  • 30 days prior to your clinic, players pay their $200 balance
  • The night prior to your clinic, our international staff arrive
  • Our international staff execute the best 2-day clinic ever
  • 7 days after the clinic, you receive your profit


You Provide

Here’s what you need

  • 1 Field
  • 4 Cages
  • 25+ Players
  • Enthusiasm, Energy & Attitude

Choose the Option That’s Right For You!

So Many Reasons to Get Involved

Program Fundraiser

Your hockey program is not inexpensive. This clinic fundraiser, powered by World Camp, can provide your team the opportunity to accomplish your financial goals. You can get those uniforms you’ve wanted for years, afford your dream team banquet or maybe purchase new equipment. We provide you a hockey-centric financial opportunity so you can focus on what matters – winning a championship!

Player Fundraiser

We want to help you pay for college, take your dream hockey trip to Europe and pay those expensive club dues. We know how busy you are, and we know how hard you work. Our focus is for you to become a more confident and empowered young lady, and help build your resume along with important leadership skills. This fundraiser, more than any other, will accomplish all your goals.

Coach Income

You have one of the most energy-taxing jobs yet your compensation doesn’t come close to reflecting the effort you put in. You are there for your players year-round and you put your heart and soul into your program. You aren’t in it for the money, but you still need to pay the bills or enjoy a well earned vacation. We believe coaches deserve more. This is our opportunity to give back. Helping both you and your team.

Lower Player Cost

Imagine if every player on your team or feeder program could attend the best training, delivered by top international coaches. With this “lower player cost” option, it’s possible for all your players to join a top camp, right in their back yard. Inexpensive too, as low as $65 per day per player – while offering top training. This option is available in lieu of you, or your program, receiving one lump sum payment.

Do You Know How Good We Are? Watch.

“The girls continue to rave about the program and the quality of the coaches. It’s been the best reviewed camp I’ve had them go to in 13 years of coaching.”Coach Amber Beaudoin

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