Frequently Asked Questions

The camp is currently being held for a team so the signup is temporarily removed from our website to prevent overbooking. Check back to our website later to put your name on the wait-list.
The wait-list is free to cost and there is no commitment. We will call and/or email you if a space becomes available. Upon acceptance, a payment is required.
Log into your Account Portal and click on “Edit Registration Form”. For the question “Which School do you attend?” make sure it is the high school your team listed as (for example, if you are currently in 8th grade but want to be part of the high school team, make sure you list the high school you want to be grouped with at World Camp.
If you are coming with your teammates, we block off a portion of the dorms for that team and you determine rooming after registration, before the first training session. Most dorm rooms are doubles. Our staff is very flexible, our goal is that all campers are happy and we will accommodate your group in any way we can. If you are coming as an individual, we will place you with another individual around your age.
add a new question towards the top: “I forgot to add the Team Code when registering, what do I do?” Answer: “Some teams received a team coupon code for the team discount, If you forgot to add this coupon code in at registration, you will add it in for you prior to final payment on May 15th. This is qualified for teams of 12+ for campers who registered within their team signup date.
Yes, all of our dorms are air conditioned.
The first meal served is Lunch. Be sure to have breakfast before you arrive! The last meal served will be Breakfast on Day 4. :: Commuters will receive all lunches and a dinner on Day 1 with the overnight campers
Registration begins at 8:30am and will conclude at 9:25am on Day 1 – The first training session will depart dorms at 9:45am. The registration site and location will be sent to you in advance of the camp and the parking and registration area will be clearly marked when you arrive on campus. There will be staff to help direct you, once you are on campus.
Day campers must register every day when they arrive by 9:15am (8:30am on Day 4). The first day you will register at the Registration Tables – all other days you will register at the field. Daily pick-up will be at the field: Day 1 at 9:30PM; Day 2 & 3 at 5:00PM and Day 4 at 12:30PM. Training will start promptly at 9:45am.
On the last day of camp (Day 4), we do have a tournament all morning and suggest families to attend, starting at 10AM.
At every camp we have 12 female U.S.; they are the engine that keep camp running. Our staff are college coaches, high schools coaches and college players. There is at least 1 staffer per floor; our staff walk the campers to and from all activities on campus.
At every camp, we have an excellent group of 12 young women who are all college field hockey coaches, high school coaches or college players. They each stay on the dorm floor with our campers, wake them up, check on them before lights out, walk them to the fields and eat with them in the dining hall.
All participants will be residing in the dormitories on the campus. Campers should bring the following: a sleeping bag or linens for a dormitory bed; a pillow; a fans are allowed; towels for showering; shorts, socks, and T-shirts for 2 sessions daily (plus a fun evening “play” session; cleats – for grass, “turf” shoes for our artificial turf and/or indoor use (or basketball sneakers, cross trainers, or tennis shoes) an alarm clock; mouth guards and shin guards are mandatory; and a stick! Goalkeepers must bring their own equipment. You will be supplied with a recommended packing list prior to camp.
Full payment not received by the May 15th deadline may be considered a cancellation by the player– and risks the loss of their roster spot to a player on our wait list. Checks payable to: World Camp USA.
Deposit Refund: Sorry, the $100.00 deposit is non-refundable regardless of the reason.
Paid in Full refund: if you cancel 31 days or fewer prior to camp start date – sorry, there is no refund – regardless of the reason. Atthat time we are under contract with the facility to commit, in your name, for a bed, food and resources. No refund can be issued.
You can cancel using the online form here.
In your Account Portal, click on ‘View Details’ under billing info. It will specify “Your next payment of $XX will be charged to your X-card ending in xXXX on X-date.
In your Account Portal, click on ‘View Details’ under billing info. Then click on Manage Automatic Payments. Then click on ‘add new card’ and input your new card info. To double check to make sure this saved, click on ‘View Details’ under billing info. It will specify “Your next payment of $X will be charged to your X-card ending in XXXX on X-date.
In your Account Portal, on the right hand side it will specify your account will be charged on X-date for X amount. And when you go into ‘View Details’ it will show when your card will be charged, for how much, and which card. There will be an option to ‘Manage Automatic Payments’ too.
Yes. In your Account Portal, click on orange button ‘PAY BILL NOW’.
When you registered for camp online, you were automatically signed up for the Camper Account Portal. You can see your camp balance, manage payments, edit and adjust the registration form, register for additional camps and more! Closer to camp we will put important camp detail information such as drop off instructions and any waivers needed.
Each overnight participant must bring a check to Registration – made out to: World Camp USA, in the amount of $75.00 which will be used as your “Key and Dining card deposit”, in case you lose your room key and/or Card. This will be returned to you, in full, when your room key and dining card are returned at checkout. Plus you’ll need additional monies for the Camp Store – sticks, T’s and more – and vending machine drinks and snack bar too.
We do not encourage camper driving on their own, but campers are permitted to drive themselves. You will need a parking pass. Your car keys will be held in the camp office while camp is in session. At no time will you be able to drive during camp
There is no mandatory physical necessary for you to attend camp. On your application and Camp Waiver you have included information about your insurance provider and signed-off on allowing the camp to seek emergency medical care. Campers must have a fully completed/signed application and WAIVER on file to participate in any World Camp USA activity. NOTE: ONLY Swarthmore camps require an additional waiver to be completed. This can be downloaded from our website. These waivers must be brought with you on the day of Registration. (DO NOT mail them to us).
If you have a condition the camp should be aware of during camp – please provide that at time of registration – or by mail to our office prior to camp. Things to inform the Camp about are allergies, medical conditions and medications which you will be holding and taking during camp. You must be able to participate in strenuous activity. We DO NOT have a nurse on staff. Only a certified Trainer is on staff –and only during hockey hours and activities.
No. Goggles are not required – but you can wear them if you choose. We are a US Field Hockey Assoc. partner camp and follow Federation guidelines as well as NCAA rules, both of which do not require goggles. Goggles are completely voluntary at World Camp. However, we do require all players to wear a mouth guard and shin guards in training and game play.
There will be no physical testing at World Camp USA, but the program is rigorous with up to as much as 5 to 6 hours on field play each day. To get the most out of your camp experience, you should be in excellent physical condition. Start conditioning prior to camp. Be in shape to participate in all aspects of the program.
All campers are required to attend every session, be on time, and ready to participate in all games, drills and other activities. Campers may not leave the designated dorm, dining hall, or field areas without the directors knowledge and consent prior to the close of camp. If a camper cannot attend a session for any reason – then we will call their home for them to be picked-up.
We expect all campers to conduct themselves properly at all times – practice sessions, meals, and in the dorm. Poor behavior hinders the learning process for everyone – and can get in the way of the fun. World Camp USA participants are here to learn and have fun, those who do not comply with the rules, will be dismissed from camp. Participants will be responsible for any damages that may occur.
  • Alcohol or Drug Use or Possession
  • Smoking
  • Missed Sessions
  • Having visitors in the dorm or rooms
  • Leaving campus (whether walking or in a vehicle)
  • If you are out of the dorm/room after 10:30pm
  • Illness / Injury – if you are unable to be at the fields or social activities with the other campers – you must go home
All campers are required to have Health Insurance for their participation in camp. If you do not have health insurance, please phone the camp office immediately upon receiving confirmation of enrollment. (and remember, Swarthmore Campers require a waiver, but a DR.s Sign-off is not needed)
At the time of registration, all emergency numbers/procedures will be posted. If parents are not accompanying their child to registration, please have your child take down this information and call or text you once they are registered.
YES – Each site has a camp store that sells various cool T-shirts, apparel, accessories and hockey sticks. Snacks too.