A phenomenal international hockey experience right in your backyard. We’re taking World Camp on the road and bringing top world class field hockey to you. A Blitz of international training with coaches from Europe & the world.

  • 1, 2 or 3 Day Commuter Clinics
  • World Camp Top International Staff
  • Targeted skill-set, Module-Based
  • Designed and written by Tjerk Van Herwaarden, Harvard Head Coach
  • One-on-0ne Training
  • Limited to only 60 athletes
  • Accepting teams, groups and individuals

2017 Blitz Clinics

One, Two or Three Day
Commuter Clinics

Hosted By World Camp USA

Harvard University

Cambridge, MA

July 21-23

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Fall clinic dates to be announced

Hosted By World Camp USA


Villanova, PA

July 12th & 13th

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Hosted By World Camp USA

Colorado Academy

Denver, CO

July 8th & 9th

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Hosted By

Bloomsfield Hills, MI

July 10th & 11th

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Hosted By

Kingston, PA

YOUTH CLINIC :: Ages 7 to 11 :: July 9th
U19/U16/U14 ::: July 10 - 12

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Hosted By

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Youth :: July 26th & 27th
High School :: July 28th & 29th

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Sample Session Topics
International Training


Cultivate a purpose in your life, your day, your training. This Blitz is designed as a natural progression in your hockey evolution. Training goes beyond an introduction of these topics, taking your core skill-sets to a new level to enhance your overall play – with purpose.

Ingredients: Vision Dribbling, Dynamic Receiving and Elite Passing Skills


What you put in, is what you get out. This Blitz will fuel your game with improved killer technical skills featured and developed in international play plus crazy tricks to showoff to your friends.

Ingredients: Body Fakes, Dribbling, 3D Hockey, Pulls & Turns and Strokes


Every time you take the field you face a battle. This Blitz is specifically designed to prepare you for all 1v1 and 2v 1 challenges. If you want to contribute on the field, you need to know how to freeze the defender. When on defense, you must utilize space, making the opposing player do what you want, where you want.

Ingredient: 1v1 Elimination, 1v1 Defense, 2v1 Attacking, Double Teaming On Defense


Goal scoring is as much instinct as it is skill. And if you think scoring goals is only for forwards or mids, think again. This Blitz is for all field players. Focus is on how to play and score with the limitation of time and space, unique scoring and passing techniques into, and within, the circle, blind scoring, as well as up and coming European drills to increase quick footwork along with corner defense and offense and much more.

Ingredients: Goal Scoring, All aspects – Team & Individual plus Offensive and Defensive Corners


We didn’t forget about you. Every World Camp has an international licensed GK coach to work with you on skill-sets specific to your position. There’s nothing like it!